Sixty Plus Mediclaim
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Policy is primarily designed for Senior Citizens.Senior citizen and his/her spouse can be covered on individual basis in one policy and at least one member should be a senior citizen


  • Sum Insured: 2,3 & 5 Lakhs
  • Entry age for the policy is 60-80 Years.
  • If only a single women senior citizen gets covered under the policy, then a discount of 5% will be given on the primary member’s premium.
  • Co-Pay of 10% is mandatory. For an additional co-pay of extra 10% i.e. for the total co-pay of 20% a discounted premium will be charged.
  • Attendant benefit of maximum of Rs. 800/day or actuals whichever is less, up to Rs. 5,000/-, Rs. 7,000/- &Rs. 10,000/- per hospitalization for 2,3 & 5 Lakhs respectively will be given after providing relevant support documents.
  • Children can take the Policy for their Parents for availing higher tax benefit under 80D for senior citizens.
  • If both the Husband and wife are covered under one policy, where one of them is above 60 Years of age then the other can be below 60 Years of age.
  • In the event of unfortunate death of one of the insured or the spouse, then the other person can continue under the policy even if he/she is under 60years of age.
  • For fresh policies Health Checkup is Mandatory.If the proposal is accepted then 50% of the cost of medical checkup will be reimbursed.
Title Description
Room Rent Limit 1% of Sum Insured
ICU Daily Rent Limit 2% of Sum Insured
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses 30 days
Post Hospitalization Expenses 60 days
Minimum Hospitalization Period 24 hours
Pre-Existing Disease / Illness coverage After 48 months of continuous coverage
Co-Payment 10% co-pay is mandatory.Voluntary Extra co-pay of 10% i.e a total co-pay of 20%
Ambulance Expenses 1% of SI per hospitalization
Non-Allopathic Treatments Not covered
Donor Expenses Covered
Attendant Allowance Attendant Benefit of up to Rs. 5000/-, Rs. 7000/- and Rs, 10,000/- per hospitalization for the Sum Insured of Two, Three and Five Lakhs respectively subject to the limit of Maximum Rs. 800 per day or actuals whichever is less.
No Claim Bonus No cumulative bonus